Ceylinco third party insurance through Sri Lanka Postal Service

Ceylinco General Insurance announced that it has partnered with the Sri Lanka Postal Service to offer third party insurance policies to customers through the country’s postal network. In a bid to create ease of access for customers, the third party insurance policies will be available from over 4,610 post offices and sub post offices around the island, as well as through over 8,000 postmen. This service includes all third party policies offered for motor cycles, three wheelers, hand tractors and motor vehicles through Ceylinco General Insurance.

The third party insurance policy offered by Ceylinco General Insurance is unique because it is the only policy that will compensate the policy holder for the full market value of the motor cycle if it is condemned due to an accident. Additionally, the policy holder also receives a Rs. 50,000 personal accident cover. 

The general public can now avail themselves of this service from the comfort of their own homes as the third party policies are available through over 8,000 postmen who visit homes in all parts of the island.

Ensure to insure your vehicle to the current Market Value and your Property to the Reinstatement Value. Please refer our Average Clause in your policy for additional details.