Ceylinco Insurance hailed by several independent business indices in 2019

Ceylinco Insurance PLC has been honoured as Sri Lanka’s leading insurer by several independent business ranking organizations during the year 2019.

Once again, for the seventh consecutive year, Ceylinco Insurance earned the honour of being the only insurance company amongst the ‘Business Today Top 30’ companies in Sri Lanka. As announced in its edition for 2018/19, Ceylinco Insurance moved up the corporate ladder to the
6 th position. Financial information reviewed for the selection process covered several aspects which included revenue, share turnover, PAT, growth in turnover, growth in profit, ROI, growth in earnings per share, market capitalization, value of shares transacted and value additions etc.

The LMD 100 listing announced in December 2019 placed Ceylinco Insurance in the 25 th position, among all listed companies in the island. Ceylinco Insurance reiterated its position as the highest-ranked insurance company in Sri Lanka for the 26 th consecutive year. Since the inception of the LMD ranking, Ceylinco Insurance has occupied the top position among
insurance companies.

Ceylinco Life Insurance was named among the 10 Most Admired Companies in Sri Lanka at the 2019 edition of these awards presented by the International Chamber of Commerce, Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. The only insurer in
this pantheon of corporate giants, Ceylinco Life was recognised as an entity that is a cut above the rest.

Also, in an exclusive survey carried out amongst the service providers over a period of 12 weeks, by LMD magazine, both Ceylinco General Insurance and Ceylinco Life Insurance had the honour of being the most popular insurers in service excellence. This survey that encompassed 18 sectors was carried out by LMD to identify the most popular service providers in Sri Lanka.

Ceylinco General Insurance and Ceylinco Life Insurance were chosen as the ‘People’s Insurance Brand of The Year’ at the 2019 SLIM Nielson People’s Awards, for an unprecedented 13th consecutive year. This award reflects the close relationship with people and the brand’s strength for having won each year since the awards were instituted 13 years ago. The People’s
Award is the most coveted award for corporates as it reflects the voice of the people and indicates the brand they love and respect.

Mr. Ajith Gunawardena, Executive Chairman / CEO of Ceylinco Insurance PLC said “We feel a sense of humble pride as we have been once again recognized not only on one occasion but

many times during 2019. We extend our deep gratitude to all our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders for their loyalty and for the confidence placed in us. I wish to congratulate the staff of both Ceylinco General Insurance and Ceylinco Life Insurance for maintaining a high
level of service excellence where interaction between customers and our staff is deemed critical in garnering customer satisfaction and to maintain loyalty to our brands. We always encourage our employees continually to develop and implement innovative new approaches. Understanding aspirations of stakeholders is key to us and we will ensure our future growth strategy fulfills these aspirations while enhancing quality of life for our customers.”

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