Ceylinco Insurance – General Distributes Much Needed Water To Drought Stricken Polonnaruwa

Employees of Ceylinco Insurance – General actively took part in distributing water to several remote areas of the drought stricken Polonnaruwa district in July 2014. During the process, over 8,500 one and a half litre bottles of drinking water were distributed in these areas, in the first phase of the project. Further, following the initial project, water was distributed through bowsers for a period of two weeks, with over 16,000 litres of water provided each day, which amounted to over 220,000 litres in total. The areas covered under this humanitarian project were Gurugodalla, Palliyagodella, Ilukpitiya, Wadigawewa, Meegaswewa, Nikahena, Galadamana and Holsim Village, with the entire distribution process being handled by Ceylinco Insurance staff members.

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