Ceylinco General Insurance to provide monthly living expenses to Five Children of two families orphaned by the Passara bus accident

A private bus travelling from Lunugala to Colombo fell in to a precipice of about 200 feet near Passara on Badulla Monaragala road claiming 15 lives which shook the entire nation. Several children lost their parents and breadwinners of many families leaving them desperate and … .

Ceylinco General Insurance selected two families in which the first family with three children where both parents died in the accident. Three school going children of the ages nine, eight and five years were left stranded with aged grandparents with no financial support whatsoever. Ceylinco General Insurance committed to provide a monthly fee of Rs 30,000/- to meet their educational expenses, travelling expenses as well as for living expenses.

The other family with two girls aged lost their farther who is the sole breadwinner of the family. They too will be provided with a monthly allowance of Rs 15,000/- to meet their living expenses, educational expenses, travelling expenses etc until they reach the age of eighteen years.

Ensure to insure your vehicle to the current Market Value and your Property to the Reinstatement Value. Please refer our Average Clause in your policy for additional details.