Personal Insurance

  • Mapiya Thilina

    A unique Health Insurance cover available in Sri Lanka for senior citizens between the ages of 60-80 years. In addition to hospitalization, they are also covered for personal accidents and disability.

  • New Householders

    The New Householders Policy protects the house and its contents with a total security plan, which includes fire and allied perils, strike, riots and civil commotion, natural disasters, burglary cover,electrical fluctuations and public liability too. The Insured and Spouse are entitled to a Life and Personal Accident Insurance Cover amounting to Rs.100,000/- each.

  • Family Guardian

    Family Guardian Insurance is a unique plan which provides a comprehensive cover for the House and its contents against Fire, Burglary and a host of related perils. It includes a life cover to the Insured and Spouse, Personal Accident Cover, Critical illness Cover, Hospitalization for the entire family including Domestics, Public Liability, funeral expenses and airfare to visit a sick child studying abroad, etc.

  • Ceylinco one day cover

    This unique product covers an individual against road or home accidents, and includes a 24 hour cover priced at Rs.5/=, and a one month cover at Rs.50/= making it affordable to the masses. The insured’s family members are compensated with Rs.100,000/= in the event of death or total permanent disablement/partial disablement due to accidents.

  • Lips Insurance

    This product was specially designed for women and covers hospitalization and surgical expenses for injuries due to accidents, jewellery if burgled at home or snatched, Medical Insurance for cosmetic and plastic surgery, funeral expenses of parents and family members, legal fees to protect fundamental rights against physical abuse and sexual harassment ect.

  • A+ International Students Insurance

    Another unique policy, which provides cover for Sri Lankan students who have gone overseas for studies. The cover includes Hospitalization, Personal Accident, Personal Liability, Legal Expenses, etc., which could be claimed in whichever country they study.

  • Ceylinco Doo Daruwo Rakshanaya

    Ceylinco Doo Daruwo Rakshanaya is for the entire family and provides cover for children to continue their education in case the breadwinner expires, is injured or contracts a serious illness. It also has a family hospitalization and a funeral expense cover offered at an affordable premium.

  • Children’s Health Policy

    This policy covers all school going children against Hospitalization and Personal Accident up to Rs.50,000/- throughout the year for a very nominal premium.

  • Ceylinco Dheewara Udana

    This complete protection plan for the fishermen and their families covers them for over Rs.580,000/- per annum for hospitalization, accidents, disappearances, funeral expenses and educational expenses of children in case of death of insured.

  • Ceylinco Support Line

    Ceylinco Support Line offers a total protection plan to small and medium enterprises, covering them for contingencies from loss of income due to an illness or natural disasters to continuing the education of children in case of the policyholder’s death.

  • Ceylinco Nuwana

    In an unfortunate event such as the demise or disablement of parents “Ceylinco Nuwana” takes care of the child’s education. It offers monthly allowances to the child until the child completes his/her education and there after a lump sum payment to give the child a secure start in life.

  • Ceylinco Pawura

    “Ceylinco Pawura” is a product specially designed to protect Farmers, Teachers and Housewives. It covers Personal Accident, damages to the house due to natural disasters, loss of income, temporary accommodation as well as funeral expenses. It also offers farmers a cover for the harvest, teachers a cover for education of children and housewives a cover for accidental death of spouse. These products are marketed

  • Home and You

    This unique product includes covers such as Fire and related perils, cover against Natural disasters for the House and its contents and a free Personal Accident cover for the insured at a nominal premium. It also offers the insured the flexibility to cover the building together with contents, just the building or just contents only.

  • Crop and Livestock Insurance

    The only insurance policy available to the farming community where they can cover their crops, livestock and farming equipment.

  • One and Only

    This is truly a unique concept not known to exist anywhere else in the world, which offers customer convenience, along with affordability and availability. Every time a customer purchases goods from any outlet of the Supermarket chains teamed up with Ceylinco, the customer is entitled to an insurance cover to the value of goods purchased. Depending on the number of purchases at these supermarkets, the cover will increase upto a maximum of Rs. 1 million. The benefits include a Personal Accident cover, Natural disaster cover for the House and a plastic surgery cover for corrective surgery due to accidents.

  • No Worries

    This is yet another unique insurance solution offered to Corporates to safeguard their valuable employees against loss of income. Cover could be obtained to provide employees, who are unable to perform their regular functions at work, due to an accident or a critical illness, with compensation for loss of income for a period of two to ten years, covering monthly salaries from Rs 5,000/- to Rs 50,000/-. Cover could be obtained by the employer or by the employees or through a joint contribution by the employer and the employees.