General Insurance

  • Burglary & House-Breaking Insurance

    Rest assured from the threat of burglary.

    To Whom : Issued for dwellings and commercial premises.

    Benefits :
    – Previously identified items/contents will be compensated for, in the eventuality of a burglary.
    – An individual with this cover can also make a claim in whichever country he/she happens to be in.

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  • Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

    Provides cover against fraudulent acts by employees, who are nominated name-wise or category-wise by the company.

    To Whom : Obtained by banks, financial institutions, stores, marketing firms etc.

    Benefits : Pre-arranged sum is insured and compensated for.

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  • Goods In Transit Insurance

    A cover provided for goods in transit, anywhere in Sri Lanka.

    To Whom : Usually obtained by companies.

    Benefits :
    – Provides compensation up to the transit limit.
    – Also carries an Accident Cover.
    – This policy can be extended to provide cover against riots, strikes and terrorism.

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  • Money In Transit Insurance

    Companies can obtain this cover for moving money on the road.

    To Whom: Intended for companies that constantly need to move money.

    Benefits :
    – Pre-arranged limits on money to be moved is established and compensated accordingly.
    – Those who have safes in premises can obtain location cover as well.
    – The policy can be extended to cover riots, strikes, terrorism and infidelity as well.

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  • Public Liability Insurance

    Liabilities towards third parties (property and bodily damage) are covered through this policy.

    Benefits : Assigned limits will be compensated, even with regard to a court action/settlement.

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  • Ceylinco Personal Accident
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