Ceylinco Suwa Sampatha International

What is Ceylinco Suwa Sampatha International?

  • Ceylinco Suwa Sampatha international is a premium medical policy that offers you access to the best medical specialists and institutions around the world, and right here in Sri Lanka.
  • With Suwa Sampatha International, you are ensured of the very best, when you need it most.
  • The Policy can be obtained individually or to cover the entire family.

What are the benefits of Ceylinco Suwa Sampatha International?

You get an annual cover of Rs. 7.5 million (USD 50,000) for in-patient treatment, plus room and board for treatment overseas and a Rs. 1 million cover in Sri Lanka. This includes hospitalization, room charges, ICU charges, surgeon’s/ doctor’s bills, drugs and consultation fees, charges for other specialized services, accidental dental care and emergency medical evacuation etc.

Why is ceylinco Suwa Sampatha International reliable?

The quicker and more accurate the diagnosis, the better one’s chance of a fast and complete recovery. By giving you access to world-class specialists, using state-of-the-art procedures and diagnostic equipment and a quick turnaround in diagnostic results, Ceylinco Suwa Sampatha International gives you a much better chance at a fast recovery. What’s more, it offers total convenience by paying physicians and hospitals directly, in case of international treatment.

How can a company benefit from Ceylinco Suwa Sampatha International?

A company’s employees are its greatest asset. By investing in their well-being, a company can expect greater commitment and loyalty, as well as increased performance due to less anxiety. In the case of senior staff, such as Directors and senior managers, whose performance has the greatest impact on a company’s future, there’s no better way of showing them that they are cared for.

Is Ceylinco Suwa Sampatha International Affordable?

Your health-care needs are likely to become more costly as you get older; that’s when Ceylinco Suwa Sampatha International will come to your rescue.

Moreover, you receive the benefits in USD, while the premium can be paid in Sri Lankan Rupees.

International Health Insurance Policy PLAN A PLAN B
Area of Cover Worldwide including Home Country Treatment, excluding USA, Canada & Caribbean Islands) Worldwide including Home Country Treatment, excluding USA, Canada & Caribbean Islands)
Section/ Benefits Sum Insured (USD) Sum Insured (USD)
Annual Aggregate policy limit per insured $1,000,000 $50,000
In-hospital accomodation, treatment & surgery Full Cover Full Cover
Specialist out-patient services Full Cover Full Cover
Cancer treatment (in-patient & out-patient) Full Cover Full Cover
Kidney dialysis (in-patient & out-patient) Full Cover Full Cover
Physiotherapy treatment Full Cover Full Cover
Psychiatric treatment (after 10 months coverage) $10,000 Full Cover
Day/ out-patient surgery Full Cover Full Cover
Casualty ward accident & emergency services Full Cover Full Cover
Hospital accomodation for accompanying parent (For Insured child below age 19) Full Cover Full Cover
Local ambulance services Full Cover 2000
Accidental dental treatment (provided treatment was sought 7 days from date of accident) Full Cover Full Cover
Home nursing care (Following discharge from hospital) Full Cover(up to a maximum of 30 days per disability) Full Cover
Operations for kidney, heart, liver and lung transplants (excluding costs of obtaining donor organs) Full Cover Full Cover
Operation cost for bone marrow transplant Full Cover Full Cover
Emergency medical evacuation & repatriation Full Cover Full Cover
Repatriation of mortal remains Full Cover Full Cover
Compassionate travel Full Cover No Cover
Daily hospital cash benefit (after 72 hours of surgical treatment) $15 per 24 hour period up to a maximum of 30 days No Cover
Cost of economy air ticket (for insured patient) $1,200 $1,200
PET, MRI & CT (prescribed by a doctor) $2,500 $2,500
Maternity complication 12 month waiting period before eligible (no cover for routine maternity, or pre or post natal treatment) Full Cover Full Cover
Hospitalisation in Sri Lanka
All Hospitalizations Excess of 25% of each and every claim
Inpatient investigations or diagnosis tests No Cover
Out patient services No Cover
Annual Premium USD 880+ Taxes per Member USD 330 + Taxes Per Member
  • Waiting period will be 90 days
  • Age limit below 70 years
  • For individuals: enrolment age is 60 years

*Terms & Conditions apply.

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