Ceylinco LIPS Insurance

What We Offer

A wide range of benefits worth up to Rs. 850,000/- for an affordable premium of Rs 2,470/- per year exclusively for ladies

Benefit Plans

Benefits PLAN 1 (Rs.) PLAN 2 (Rs.)
01. Hospitalisation: Annual Limit
Hospitalisation and Surgical expenses for injuries due to an accident
50,000 25,000
02. Burglary Insurance (For Jewellery)
Burgled at home 45,000 22,500
Victim of snatch thief 15,000 7,500
03. Serious Illness Cover
(Diagnosed locally or abroad)
200,000 150,000
04. Medical Expenses
Covering cosmetic and plastc surgery due to an accident
100,000 50,000
05. Personal Accident Benefit 200,000 100,000
Funeral Expenses due to a Non Accidental Death of the Insured
(Excluding 1st 30 days from the inception)
100,000 50,000
06.0Funeral Expenses
of parents or husband and children below 60 years of age at the time of the death
Per event 10,000 10,000
Per year 20,000 20,000
07. Legal Fees
Which covers beyond normal litigation protecting fundamental rights of the assured, physical abuse and sexual harassment
100,000 50,000
Additional Benefit
Stolen Walet
10,000 6,000
Annual Premium 3,700 2,470

*Terms & Conditions apply.

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    Ensure to insure your vehicle to the current Market Value and your Property to the Reinstatement Value. Please refer our Average Clause in your policy for additional details.