Ceylinco Doo Daruwo Rakshanaya

What is Ceylinco Doo Daruwo?

An insurance cover that gives you the courage you need to face the trauma, anxiety and financial difficulties in times of crisis.

Just for an annual premium of Rs.2300/- per family unit.

What do we offer

Educational Assistance for Children
In case of a death or Permanent disablement due to an accident to the breadwinner of the family, a monthly allowance will be paid to each child to continue their education.

If the insured or spouse expires due to any natural cause Rs.100,000/- each for insured and spouse will be paid to their children.

Hospitalization for the family
The entire family will be entitled to Rs. 25,000/- per annum for hospitalization of family members.

Loss of Income
If the breadwinner is injured due to an accident or is seriously ill and if it prevents him/her in attending to all normal duties of his/her usual occupation, profession of business, up to Rs. 20,000/- or three months’ salary will be paid.

Loss of a dear one
Funeral expenses up to Rs. 25,000/- due to an unexpected death of a family member

*Terms & Conditions apply.

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    Ensure to insure your vehicle to the current Market Value and your Property to the Reinstatement Value. Please refer our Average Clause in your policy for additional details.