The quality of an organisation depends heavily on its employees; their enthusiasm and satisfaction with their jobs, their experience and sense of fair treatment, all affect the productivity, customer service, reputation and survival of the firm. In short, people make the difference. Ceylinco believes that the employees are the main driving force of the Company.

Performance Management
Our performance management initiative has improved the performance of our people and developed team and individual capabilities.

Training and Development
In the year 2005, the Company invested heavily in the development of its staff by providing access to a gamut of local and foreign training opportunities. All training programs were designed in accordance with their training needs, such as skills development, and were conducted with a systematic approach, covering all staff categories.

Rewards Management
Our employee reward system is an integral part of the Company. The contribution made by employees, their skills and competence are key factors in the rewarding system and they are rewarded at the Annual Sales Conference and the annual event the “Pillars of Success”. Moreover, each year, a batch of over one hundred staff members are sent overseas, on holiday, which also includes a ‘Thinking Session.’

Employment Manual and Code of Conduct
In 2005, the HR Department of Ceylinco Insurance introduced an Employee Manual and Code of Conduct for all new recruits, providing all necessary information related to the Company.


Ceylinco Insurance offers a vast array of benefits to all its employees. These range from medical and financial benefits to welfare benefits and performance based benefits.


Medical Benefits:

  • Suwa Sampatha – All employees and their dependents will be covered under this policy. The expenses incurred as a result of a hospitalisation will be reimbursed to the employees. Such reimbursements range to cover the clerical and minor staff to senior managers and above. The Company will also pay 75% of amounts that exceed the stipulated benefit.
  • Personal Accident Benefits – A worldwide Personal Accident Insurance Cover, valid for 24 hours is provided to all employees. Compensation benefits are available for Clerical and Minor Staff to Senior Managers. Moreover, employees will also be entitled to Group Life Insurance Cover, under which they will obtain Critical Illness Cover for 20 specified Critical Illnesses (treated locally or abroad) and Life Insurance Cover, where dependents will be compensated in the event of the death of a permanent employee.


Financial Benefits:

  • Annual Bonus – Based on the net profits earned for the year, an Annual Bonus will be declared by the Company.
  • Profit Bonus – In addition to the Annual Bonus declared by the Company, a decided percentage of the net profits earned by the profit centre is equally distributed periodically amongst employees of the profit centre.
  • Housing Loan – Employees who have completed three years in service after confirmation are entitled to apply for a housing loan from any financial institution. A decided percentage on the interest payable will be reimbursed by the Company.

Numerous other financial benefits are on offer to employees as well.


Welfare Benefits:

Ceylinco believes in a corporate culture that fosters good health. In order to keep employees happy and mentally and physically fit, we have provided a well stocked Library and a fully equipped Gym. These facilities are open to all employees of Ceylinco Insurance.


Performance Benefits:

  • Annual Sales Conference – Special awards are presented at the Annual Sales Conference to employees in all categories, in recognition of their outstanding performance and contribution towards the company’s objective.
  • Pillars of Success – Awards are also accorded the non-sales staff, in recognition of outstanding performance and their invaluable contribution towards making the Company, what it is today.
  • Underwriters Award Ceremony



Mr. Sathyajith Wijeyapura - General Manager

“I have developed my career with Ceylinco Insurance for the last 16 years. I joined the organization in 1990, in the capacity of a junior marketing officer, selling insurance policies, following a lucrative career at Unilever Sri Lanka. My forte was sales and selling financial services was a new adventure in my life, after being involved with FMCG over a period of ten years. From the very start, I knew that Ceylinco was very much different to other organizations selling financial services products. Ceylinco had a vision, along with the courage to be different. We moved out of the traditional ways of selling insurance in Sri Lanka. With a very small turnover of Rs.48 million in the initial year of operation, today we are boasting of over Rs.8 billion in the Non-Life division. It is my privilege to have been associated with such an organization during my lifetime.”


Mrs. Nilmini Perera - Secretary

“I joined Ceylinco in 1982, at the age of seventeen; fresh from school, as a stenographer to the Fire & Miscellaneous Department. I was there for five years and was promoted as the Secretary to the Marketing Division, co-ordinating the day to day sales work. This is my second home. I am very happy here and I don’t think that I will ever get another place like this in my life time. This is the first and last working place of my career.”


Mr. Alagiyawanna - Snr. Asst. General Manager

“Just after my graduation I joined Ceylinco as an Agent in 1981. I worked hard, going from house to house, factory to factory, rice mill to rice mill, canvassing business. Since the management was impressed with my performance, they recruited me to the Gampaha Sub Office. In 1984 I was taken into the Permanent Cadre as a Marketing Executive, in which capacity I was able to develop my career step by step, up to branch manager level. Then the management drafted me into the Head Office as a Regional Manager and I was later promoted to Assistant General Manger. I managed to bring more and more business to Ceylinco. I was then rewarded with a brand new BMW car and was promoted as a Senior AGM. Starting from a poor family background, now I am proud to say that with the support of Ceylinco, I am now in a stable position in my life. I am so happy with Ceylinco.


”Mr. Ananda - Office Assistant“

I joined Ceylinco 14 years ago. When I joined I was empty handed, but now, with the support of my company - Ceylinco Insurance, I have been assisted and provided with a dwelling. I also should say that I am fully stable in my life with Ceylinco. At the same time I'd like to say that I work for Ceylinco to the best of my abilities.”

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Comprehensive insurance cover protecting every aspect of the field of engineering.

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