Engineering Insurance

  • Engineering Contract Guarantee Insurance

    An insurance provided to the contractor constructing buildings.

    To Whom : This cover is provided combining the contractor and the owner of the building.

    Benefits : Under this policy compensation can be provided in three phases: at the bid bonds phase, advanced bonds phase and at the performance bonds phase.

  • Engineering Contractors All Risk Insurance

    A cover issued to contractors when they start construction, as 99% of principals do not allow construction without it.

    To Whom : Issued to contractors, prior to commencing construction.

    Benefits : The policy provides compensation with regard to collapse of building and accidental damages.

  • Engineering Contractors, Plant and Machinery Insurance

    An important insurance cover provided to contractors.

    To Whom : Contractors covered against damages to equipment.

    Benefits : Accidental and equipment damage is compensated, on-site only.

  • Engineering Erection All Risk Insurance

    Provided to the contractor against the risk of collapse.

    To Whom : Provided to companies and individuals.

    Benefits : The policy provides compensation with regard to collapse of buildings and accidental damages.

  • Engineering Machinery Insurance

    A very useful and important cover provided to immovable machines (printing presses, generators, etc.)

    To Whom : Can be obtained by any company or individual.

    Benefits : Accidental damages and damages to machines are covered under this policy.