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Ceylinco VIP Announces A Rs.4 Million Emergency Hospitalisation Cover Absolutely Free For All Policyholders

In a landmark move, Ceylinco General Insurance announced yet another breakthrough in Motor Insurance, with a Rs.4 million Emergency Hospitalisation Insurance Cover, provided absolutely free of charge to its Ceylinco VIP On The Spot customers. It will include a cover of Rs.1.3 million for hospitalisation expenses, in the event of a road traffic accident within Sri Lanka, and for follow-up treatment overseas, if necessary on medical recommendation. Further, in the event of a policyholder travelling overseas, he or she will be entitled to a hospitalisation cover, due to any medical emergency, up to Rs.1.3 million, and  Rs.2.6 million for hospitalisation expenses due to an accident, up to 15 days per trip. Furthermore, overseas travellers will be entitled to a Personal Accident Cover of Rs.1.3 million, which will include Death and Total Permanent Disablement covers, while overseas, and Permanent Partial Disablements will be covered up to Rs.650,000/-. The benefits announced will be applicable to comprehensive policyholders of Ceylinco VIP On The Spot, who have insured their Cars, Vans, Jeeps, Double Cabs, Buses and Lorries. Similarly, comprehensive motorcycle policyholders will be entitled to a Hospitalisation Cover of Rs.300,000/-, in the event of a road traffic accident within Sri Lanka, and all the benefits applicable for vehicles, in the event of travelling overseas. Third party customers too will benefit with a cover of Rs.200,000/- for hospitalisation, in the event of a road traffic accident within Sri Lanka for vehicles, and Rs.100,000/- for motorcycles.

The new cover will be valid for new policies, while existing policyholders will be entitled to this new benefit from the date of their next renewal. In the case of individual customers, the insured will be entitled to this revolutionary benefit, while corporate customers or fleet owners must name an individual (user or driver) as beneficiary.

“As a company with an ear to changing customer needs, Ceylinco Insurance does not want to sit on its laurels, but move on to explore new territory in exceeding customer expectations. This is just the kind of service that crowns the customer as king and gives him/her the power to decide. In today’s complex world, it is all about delivering a level of service that delights customers. Ceylinco General Insurance has created a unique and unparalleled product that gives never-before-offered benefits to customers, to all of which they will be entitled to absolutely free, without paying a cent more as an additional premium, in addition to the host of other benefits they already enjoy,” said Mr Ajith Gunawardena, the Chief Executive Officer of Ceylinco General Insurance Limited.

“Ceylinco Insurance believes that ultimately, it is the customer who will decide on the service that he/she is getting. To us, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance; it is what fuels our engine, what keeps us at the top, as the industry leader,” Mr Gunewardena added.

“This benefit will undoubtedly ease the burdens on our customers to a great extent. With Ceylinco VIP enjoying a major share of the vehicle insurance market, most Sri Lankan vehicle users will be entitled to this benefit, in addition to a host of other benefits they already enjoy, such as a similar replacement vehicle, in the event the accident repair exceeds four days, emergency roadside assistance, personal accident cover of up to Rs.200,000/- for each passenger, the insured  value of  the vehicle increasing by 10% every year, a 10 year warranty for your vehicle against manufacturers defects, valid for the first 10 years from the year of manufacture,  payment of lease instalments of up to two months, in the event of a repair exceeding 30 days, etc.” Mr Patrick Alwis, the Managing Director of Ceylinco General Insurance, opined.

Ceylinco General Insurance  anticipates that this benefit, like all the other revolutionary and innovative services offered by them, will elevate the insurance industry in Sri Lanka to a new zenith. Currently, Ceylinco Insurance maintains the country’s largest branch network for General Insurance, while also maintaining a 24-hour Call Centre that offers roadside assistance to customers. Ceylinco Insurance VIP On The Spot Rest Centres, located throughout the nations’ main highways, give the customer an opportunity to rest on long journeys, while Ceylinco Insurance also pioneered the now widely used VIP On The Spot service, which gives the customer the freedom and flexibility to choose their motor insurance. Given its tremendous popularity, Ceylinco VIP On The Spot has time and time again, been hailed by the regional and global insurance fraternity.